Wind energy reduced power sector emissions by more than 5 percent last year, saving the same amount of CO2 as taking 20 million cars off the road, according to a new report.

The report, published by the American Wind Energy Association, found that wind energy production in 2013 resulted in carbon emissions reductions of 126.8 million tons. Some states achieved larger reductions than the national average, with 11 states reducing carbon emissions by 10 percent compared to 2011 levels through wind energy. Texas – a state which broke its record for highest wind generation ever in March – had the highest volume of carbon reductions, followed by Illinois, California, and Colorado.

Wind energy’s 2013 emissions reductions by state, using EPA’s AVERT tool.

AWEA’s report noted that reducing carbon also carries co-benefits: sulfur dioxide emissions drop by almost 347 million pounds per year as a result of wind energy production, and nitrous oxide emissions are reduced by 214 million pounds per year, These reductions improve air and water quality. The cost of wind energy has also been falling over the last few years – costs have dropped by 43 percent in four years, according to AWEA, due to improvements in technology.

That decrease in cost […]

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