Well Everest Wilhelmsen, notorious leader of the Christian American Patriots Militia, is still free to do what he does best: openly and sincerely threaten the life of Barack Hussein Obama and all who support him.

Everest first showed up on the AATTP radar last November, when he claimed that we have a ‘Second Amendment authority” to kill the President of the United States.

Why? According to Wilhelmsen-well, we shall just let him tell you:


Shortly following his announcement that he wanted to kill the Kenyan Communist in the White House, he decided that a threat against the President’s life was too small of a game for him. Of course, he decided to do what any good, loving Christian would-he doubled down on his threat, and expanded it to anyone who has even remotely supported the President’s policies.

After testing the water by expanding his threat, Everest became more brave. He moved on to crowdfunding a reward for the capture or murder of the President, as we reported in February.

Well, since he’s still walking free after all that-Everest has moved on to the next phase: mobilization. He is attempting to establish a network of militias in order to ‘take back” the country. Everest edited a […]

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