Hobby Lobby executives and other conservative opponents of the contraception mandate of the Affordable Care Act have argued that the legal challenge before the Supreme Court right now is about ‘religious liberty” – not controlling women’s access to healthcare or their personal lives.

That veneer falls away pretty quickly when you read the court briefs filed in support of Hobby Lobby, which are almost uniformly about controlling women’s sexuality and the apparent horrors of decoupling sex from reproduction.

It should probably be noted that virtually everything these groups claim about birth control (including calling it an ‘abortifacient”) is wrong. For actual information about birth control, please see here.

Here are five excerpts (emphasis added):

Beverly Lahaye Institute

Relying entirely on the 2011 IOM Report, the Government asserts that by increasing access to contraceptives, the Mandate will promote public health by decreasing unintended pregnancies. At the risk of stating the obvious, getting pregnant is not like catching a contagious disease.

If the Government intends to broaden the definition of “women’s health and well-being,’ and thus the goal of the Mandate, to include non-health related concepts such as emotional well-being and economic prosperity, then it should likewise have considered the […]

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