I often put up diaries highlighting dumb policies, foolish planning and bad ideas coming out of a statehouse. Last week, when the State of Kansas submitted legislation proposing that cities could not help invest in growth of the internet in any community, I was shocked at the level of attention. 10k+ Shares, Hundreds of tweets, and I was contacted by media sources and others, did a few call ins to local (conservative) radio talk shows to discuss the problem with this kind of legislation.

So, I thought I’d let you know how this turned out:


Facing public backlash over a Senate bill that would outlaw community broadband services statewide, Sen. Julia Lynn, R-Olathe, announced on Monday the postponement of hearings set to take place this week.

Senate Bill 304 would prohibit cities and counties from building public broadband networks. The Commerce Committee, which Lynn chairs, was scheduled to have a hearing Tuesday, but Lynn released a statement that hearings have been postponed indefinitely.

‘Based on the concerns I heard last week, I visited with industry representatives and they have agreed to spend some time gathering input before we move […]

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