WASHINGTON — For those who love New England’s mild summer weather, scientists have some advice: enjoy it while you can. If greenhouse gas emissions continue on their current course, Massachusetts may feel more like sultry South Carolina by century’s end, researchers said on Wednesday in a report on clear signs of global warming in the U.S. Northeast. The region, comprising nine of the 50 U.S. states, is critical, since it alone is the world’s seventh-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, just behind the entire nation of Germany and ahead of all of Canada, said Cameron Wake, a University of New Hampshire climate scientist and a co-author of the report. ‘While we’ve been tracking global climate change from a scientific perspective, the way that we’re going to experience this is on a regional and local level,’ Wake said by telephone. ‘So it’s really important to perform these kinds of regional analyses around the globe. because some of the global signals in fact might be amplified locally.’ A two-year study by the Northeast Climate Impacts Assessment group found that, if emissions go unchecked, the U.S. Northeast could see a rise in average summer temperatures of more than 12 degrees […]

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