BAGHDAD, Iraq — In the second month of a security crackdown in the capital, U.S. military casualties appear to be rising, even as deaths among Iraqi security sources have fallen, according to U.S. military sources and analysts. The U.S. military Tuesday revised its count of deaths that occurred in the capital Monday to eight — the highest daily toll in a month. In September, 79 troops died nationwide, about a third of them in Baghdad, according to the military. U.S. officials and military experts caution it is too soon to declare a definitive trend, but they said the recent increases could be attributable to U.S. troops’ greater exposure to combat since redeploying in early August from hardened bases to Baghdad’s streets on a mission to stem sectarian bloodshed between Shiite paramilitaries and Sunni Arab insurgents. ‘When you’re conducting operations and you’ve doubled the number of troops doing operations in Baghdad, there is more opportunity, as there is much more activity as they go into more neighborhoods, for attacks to occur and casualties to result,’ said U.S. Army spokesman Lt. Col. Barry Johnson. There are more than 15,400 U.S. troops actively engaged in operations in and around […]

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