CPR procedure for adults: 1) Check for consciousness. If the victim doesn’t respond, call 911. (If an automatic defibrillator is at the scene, use it immediately. Public AEDs have simple instructions.) 2) Rescue breathing - Open the airway and check breathing. Lay the patient on his back on a flat surface. Tilt the head back, lift the chin and quickly look, listen and feel for breathing. If there are no signs of breathing, give 2 quick rescue breaths: - Pinch patient’s nose. - Cover patient’s mouth with yours and blow until the chest rises. - Give each breath for over a second. - Do not stop to check for pulse. (If you are unwilling to give rescue breaths, begin chest compressions.) 3) Push hard and fast on chest: - Kneel at patient’s side. - Place the heel of one of your hands on lower part of the breast bone, between the nipples. - Place your other hand on top of that hand. - Begin chest compressions, pushing down about 2 inches deep. - Do 30 rapid compressions - faster than one per second. 4. Repeat cycle - Two breaths and 30 compressions, until […]

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