They Compare Their Conquest of Mogadishu to That of Prophet Muhammed’s Conquest of Mecca From the Quraishite Pagans’ ‘Peace is sweet but peace without dignity and freedom is no peace at all. The Islamists who took the power in Mogadishu told the people to have peace, go about their business, eat and drink, conjugate and have many children, go to the mosque and pray five times a day, send their children to Madrasses where they get brainwashed and chant Koran interpreted in a satanic way by Wahhabist/Salafist clerics and give praise to Allah that the warlords who kept them hostage for 15 years have gone. ‘They compare their conquest of Mogadishu to that of Prophet Muhammed’s conquest of Mecca from the Quraishite pagans. They believe that they are acting on God’s behest and that the Almighty guides their guns. We tell them that they are not the army of Muhammed and that they are not in anyway nearer to Allah than a woman dancing to music in a beautiful wedding or tantalizing people’s inner feelings with her melodious voice. We tell them that prophet Muhammed didn’t ban music and dance and did not in anyway deny people to […]

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