ELEANOR HALL: To the United States now where questions are again being asked about whether the Bush administration is again trying to build the case for the invasion of a Middle East enemy, by distorting the facts about the extent of the threat it poses. The world’s atomic watchdog has labelled a US congressional report on Iran’s nuclear capability as outrageous, dishonest and misleading, saying its claims that Iran is well advanced in enriching nuclear material for weapons are simply wrong. The International Atomic Energy Agency’s Melissa Fleming says the agency felt compelled to raise its objections in an official letter. MELISSA FLEMING: There were inaccuracies in the report and it was important for us to set the record straight to the US Congress on the facts. Also this was a matter of integrity of the IAEA and its inspectors. ELEANOR HALL: That’s the IAEA’s Melissa Fleming. Well a nuclear proliferation analyst in the United States says the release of the flawed congressional report suggests the Bush administration is softening up the public for a war in Iran as early as next year. Joe Cirincione has advised the US House of Representatives on national […]

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