Sean McCarthy, DUBLIN, IRELAND — Steorn, a technology development company, has today announced a cut-off date for scientists to respond to its challenge to take part in a public validation of its free energy technology. The deadline has been set for 12 midnight, September 8th. Steorn placed an advertisement in the Economist on August 18th inviting ‘the most qualified and the most cynical’ scientists to step forward. More than 3,000 scientists have responded thus far. Steorn’s technology is based on the interaction of magnetic fields and allows the production of clean, free and constant energy. The company says the technology can be applied to virtually all devices requiring energy, from cellular phones to cars. From all the scientists who accept Steorn’s challenge, 12 will be invited to take part in a rigorous testing exercise to prove that Steorn’s technology creates free energy. The results will be published worldwide. Sean McCarthy, CEO of Steorn, said: ‘We expected a good response to our advertisement because of its potential and its implications for the scientific world. Our technology goes far beyond scientific curiosity and addresses many urgent global needs including security of energy […]

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