Personally speaking, I couldn’t be more delighted. The instruction to drink eight glasses of water a day has never seemed either appealing or practical. That amount of water makes it uncomfortable to emulate the habits of the camel when away from home for more than an hour and to sleep through the night without interruption. It is even less captivating when you consider that dedicated water enthusiasts will only consume it from bottles. Think about the landfills stuffed with discarded plastic. And why would you opt to pay for bottled water when you are already obliged to write a check for the stuff that’s pumped through your faucet? Which may, indeed, be the same stuff that is filling some of those pricey bottles. Remember when, in 2004, the Coca-Cola Company had to confess that the UK version of Dasani came from the London public water mains? But in fact the same charge could be leveled at most supermarket own-label bottled water. Or any bottled water with ‘purified’ on the label. It will have been filtered again or treated to ultraviolet light or perhaps have been carbonated or had minerals added. But nonetheless, it’s water you […]

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