WASHINGTON — A daily glass of pomegranate juice showed potential for slowing the growth of prostate cancer in a small study but more evidence is needed before doctors recommend it, U.S. scientists said Saturday. A study funded by a juice maker found men who drank the beverage had a longer time until doubling of their blood levels of PSA – a protein that indicates the presence of prostate cancer. Patients with short doubling times are more likely to die from the cancer. In the study, the time until PSA doubling after treatment extended to 54 months on average when the men started drinking eight ounces of pomegranate juice a day. Before drinking the juice, PSA doubled in an average of 15 months. ‘That’s a very big difference. … It’s an indicator of how quickly the cancer is growing,’ said Dr. Allan Pantuck, a urologist at UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center and the study’s lead author. Each of the 50 men who took part had radiation, surgery or other treatment for prostate cancer before enrolling in the study. No major side effects were reported from drinking the juice. ‘It’s too early to tell people with prostate cancer […]

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