TORONTO — A new study showing early signs of liver damage in patients who took maximum doses of Tylenol for two weeks could have profound implications for the millions of people who rely heavily on the common pain reliever, some researchers say. Bottles of Tylenol and generic brands of acetaminophen clearly state that daily intake should not exceed more than four grams (or eight extra-strength capsules), but many people may be going well beyond that limit without even realizing it. ‘The concern simply relates to the fact that this medication, acetaminophen, has a very narrow window of safety above the four-gram limit . . . and has a tendency to injure the liver when you start pushing to the maximum dose,’ said Neil Kaplowitz of the University of Southern California. He added that more than 300 types of pain relievers and cold remedies, including Nyquil, also contain acetaminophen. That means if you’re taking several of these medications at the same time over an extended period, you could likely enter the danger zone for acute liver failure. ‘If you don’t read the labels carefully of all the things you’re taking, it’s easy to exceed the four grams […]

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