Wearing a condom is not convenient and to many men, it may not be something enjoyable. But a new study released Thursday says consistent use of condoms can help those who are sexually active protect against getting infected with human papillomavirus (HPV). The University of Washington study published in the New England Journal of Medicine says the risk reduction by condoms can be huge, depending on how they are used. HPV is a major factor causing cervical cancer in women while many healthy people can recover from the infection without much of adverse consequences. Condoms can help protect against transmission of H IV and some other sexually transmitted diseases although the protection can never be 100 percent, according to earlier studies. This current study may be the first to have found use of condoms help prevent transmission of HPV between men and women. The study found those women whose partners wore condoms every time they had vaginal sexual intercourse had less than half the rate of HPV infection as did those whose partners used condoms less than 5 percent of the time. The study was meant to investigate the effect of use of condoms by men […]

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