Abu Mazen Calls to Stop the Firing of Missiles Into Israel In his speech on ‘Nakba Day’ on May 15, 2006, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) called to stop the firing of missiles into Israel. Other senior Palestinian officials made similar statements, and condemned suicide attacks because they harm the Palestinian cause. The following are excerpts: Abu Mazen: The Tel Aviv Bus Station Attack was ‘One of the Base Attacks That Harm the Palestinian People’ In his May 15, 2006 speech commemorating the nakba, Abu Mazen said: ‘The futile firing of missiles needs to be stopped, [as they] mostly just give Israel a pretext to escalate its aggression against our citizens in the Gaza Strip.’ [1] The bombing of the old central bus station in Tel Aviv evoked a particularly harsh condemnation on the part of Abu Mazen: ‘We released an official PA announcement in which we condemned [the attack] in the strongest possible terms, and we considered it to be one of the base attacks that harms the Palestinian people¦ The PA, the government, and the security services need to prevent such attacks.’ [2] ‘Traditional Warfare Against Israel is a Severe Policy […]

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