MOSCOW – – Moscow’s influential mayor said on Tuesday the city banned gay activists from holding a parade because it is morally cleaner than the West, which is caught up in ‘mad licentiousness’. The gay activists tried to hold their protest against homophobia and discrimination at the weekend despite the ban, but were detained by police, abused by militant Christians and attacked by neo-fascists. They had wanted to lay flowers at the grave of the unknown warrior, a monument to those who died defeating Nazi Germany, but police blocked their path. Mayor Yuri Luzhkov said such an action would have been a desecration of the sacred monument, and rejected Western criticism of his ban as prejudiced and homophobic. ‘Our way of life, our morals and our tradition — our morals are cleaner in all ways. The West has something to learn from us and should not race along in this mad licentiousness,’ he told Moscow radio, according to local news agencies. ‘We may have a democratic country, but we live in an organised country and an organised city.’ The protest on Saturday, which was intended as a Gay Pride solidarity event as have become […]

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