Women can work out if a man will make a good father just by looking at his face, new research reveals. Even studying a photograph gives them subconscious clues that he likes children and is therefore a good long-term partner. Scientists behind the discovery believe it adds an important dimension to knowledge about mate selection among humans. They say women judge a man on his genetic quality as well as his willingness to be a good parent for her offspring. And their studies show keen ladies use masculine features as a guide to genetic quality. When at their most fertile, they are especially attracted to men with features such as strong jaws. But at other times of the month women prefer more feminine faces – as softer features suggest a man will be a good long-term partner and help care for any children. Researchers at St Andrew’s University have even come up with the face of the perfect man, whose softer, more feminine features reflected a more nurturing side. They concluded that the ideal partner should have a symmetrical face, large deep and expressive eyes, a straight nose and soft jaw. […]

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