BOSTON — Attention all you Aquafina-swigging, Fiji-glugging, Poland Springs-bulk-buying thirst quenchers: You might be feeling hydrated, but all those plastic water bottles you’re leaving behind are choking the environment. Americans chugged down 6.76 billion gallons of bottled water in 2004, and last year we threw away about 26 billion bottles, according to the Earth Policy Institute. The good news: We’re not thirsty. The bad news: We’re pretty cavalier about the ecosystem. ‘Nationally, we are basically draining 70 million single-serving bottles of water every day,’ said Pat Franklin, executive director of the Container Recycling Institute in Washington, D.C. ‘And 60 million of those bottles aren’t getting recycled. And for every one of those we don’t recycle, we make new bottles. Sixty million. Every day.’ And Jen Baker, environmental associate for MASSPIRG, said our infatuation for water-on-the-go is putting a real drain on the state’s recycling numbers. ‘We see an increase in consumer demand for bottled water as slightly problematic because we haven’t established the recycling infrastructure to capture these bottles,’ she said. ‘Most plastic water bottles […]

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