CHANDIGARH, India — Ever thought of surfing the web when you are not connected? Well, that is the latest offering from Rakesh Mathur. Mathur, who co-founded Junglee – that was later taken over by Amazon – has developed a software ‘Webaroo’ that will make this possible. Like the Kangaroo – that is an inherent part of the company’s logo – it promises to leapfrog the net to a new era. The company on Monday launched a new free software service that enables consumers to instantly search web pages and view web sites without an Internet connection, on their handhelds and laptop computers. Already the company has support from Acer, which also announced its intention to bundle Webaroo software in its laptop. Webaroo, which launched its services today, issued a statement quoting Campbell Kan, head of Mobile Computing Business Unit, Acer Inc, as saying that they plan to incorporate Webaroo’s software into Acer’s mobile PCs. Webaroo servers scour the web, analyse web pages and automatically select the subset of pages with the most content value in the least storage size. These pages are then assembled into topic specified ‘web packs’. These webpacks can be downloaded on […]

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