Every year, thousands of British babies who should be boys are born girls. The answer to this mystery could lie in a small town in Canada. Something very strange is happening in a small but highly polluted Canadian community. And it may explain why every year thousands of British babies who should be boys are born as girls instead. Young boys are becoming hard to find on the Chippewa Indian reservation in the gritty town of Sarnia, in Ontario’s ‘Chemical Valley’. It boasts four children’s softball teams, but three of them are made up entirely of girls. Research shows that the number of boys being born to the community has been dropping precipitously for the past 13 years, while the proportion of baby girls has risen. Now there are twice as many female births as male ones, though nature normally keeps the sexes in balance. Scientists increasingly believe that pollution is to blame and that what has happened here – and among some other highly contaminated groups of people in other countries – may solve an enduring mystery of ‘missing boys’ in maternity units throughout the industrialised world. Normally, and with remarkable consistency around […]

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