The Dalai Lama says that were Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden killed that hatred would cause another 10 like him to spring up, in an interview with a British newspaper. The exiled Tibetan spiritual leader told The Daily Telegraph that terrorists should be treated humanely. He also revealed the workings of his relationship with US President George W. Bush, said Westerners had become too self-absorbed and repeated his opposition to homosexuality in a wide-ranging interview. The Dalai Lama said modern terrorism was born out of jealousy of Western lifestyles. ‘Fundamentalism is terrifying because it is based purely on emotion, rather than intelligence,’ the 70-year-old monk said at the seat of his government-in-exile in the northern Indian hilltop town of Dharamsala. ‘It prevents followers from thinking as individuals and about the good of the world. ‘This new terrorism has been brewing for many years. Much of it is caused by jealousy and frustration at the West because it looks so highly developed and successful on television. Leaders in the East use religion to counter that, to bind these countries together.’ Terrorists, he warned, must be treated humanely. ‘Otherwise, the problem will escalate. If […]

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