LOS ANGELES (AP) — Immigration rights advocates more than 500,000 strong marched in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, demanding that Congress abandon attempts to make illegal immigration a felony and to build more walls along the border. The massive demonstration, by far the biggest of several around the nation in recent days, came as President Bush prodded Republican congressional leaders to give some illegal immigrants a chance to work legally in the U.S. under certain conditions. Wearing white shirts to symbolize peace, marchers chanted ‘Mexico!’ ‘USA!’ and ‘Si se puede,’ an old Mexican-American civil rights shout that means ‘Yes, we can.’ They waved the flags of the U.S., Mexico and other countries, and some wore them as capes. Saturday’s march was among the largest for any cause in recent U.S. history. Police came up with the crowd estimate using aerial photographs and other techniques, police Cmdr. Louis Gray Jr. said. Other demonstrations drew 50,000 people in Denver and several thousand in Sacramento and Charlotte, N.C. Many protesters said lawmakers were unfairly targeting immigrants who provide a major labor pool for America’s economy. ‘Enough is enough of the xenophobic movement,’ said Norman Martinez, 63, who […]

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