Global warming is getting hotter both politically and climatically. Key skeptics of global warming among American evangelical Christians have made a 180-degree turn. They now call for immediate action to curb emissions of the heat-trapping carbon dioxide gas that drives climate warming. Last month, 86 evangelical leaders issued a statement that frames the climate-change debate as a moral issue. Titled ‘Climate Change: an Evangelical Call for Action,’ it states that ‘human-induced climate change is real.’ It adds that global warming will have ‘significant’ consequences that ‘will hit the poor hardest.’ It concludes that ‘Christian moral convictions demand our response to the climate change problem.’ The statement urges individuals and their churches to act locally and nationally to implement – and to urge the national government to implement – measures to reduce human-driven climate change. Theirs will be voices friendly to the Bush administration, urging that administration to rethink its reluctance to take serious action to reduce CO2 emissions. At the same time, another friendly voice urging such action is becoming more insistent. A few weeks ago, British Prime Minister Tony Blair told Parliament that Britain is now in a position to meet its CO2 emission reduction targets […]

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