California’s senior senator laid out a blueprint Monday for curbing global warming, the latest congressional proposal for turning greenhouse-gas pollution into a multibillion-dollar commodity in hope of doing away with it. Environmentalists gave generally good marks to Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s new climate bill because they say it commits to immediate reductions in greenhouse gases, with an initial target of returning to 2006 levels of emissions by 2010 and making gentle but steady cuts totaling just more than 7 percent from then until 2020. Feinstein pointed to signs of warming through-out the world, from more severe storms to masses of ice flowing into the oceans at the poles. ‘The clock is ticking on global warming,’ she said in a statement. ‘If we do not slow, stop and reverse global warming soon, we will do irreparable harm to the world around us.’ Her language is familiar to theorists who have been searching for ways to cut greenhouse gas releases without hurting energy supplies and crippling the economy. ‘That is actually a pretty significant reduction, because that’s avoiding a fairly significant wedge of increased emissions between now and 2010,’ said Dallas Burtraw, an economist at the nonprofit, nonpartisan […]

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