BEIJING — China’s spectacular economic boom will mean the death of its major economic and maritime hub, the Bohai sea, unless action is taken to stop industrial pollution of its waters, environmental advisers said yesterday. The warnings, yet another example of the crisis gripping the world’s fastest-growing major economy, come as China tries to balance its desire for economic growth with the need to avoid environmental catastrophe. “Almost no river that flows into the Bohai sea is clean,” Liu Quanfang, an adviser to the annual National People’s Congress, told the Xinhua news agency, adding that the sea could be “dead” within 12 years if urgent action is not taken to clean its waters. The Bohai, which is among only 12 internal seas in the world, and the largest in the People’s Republic, has 26 cities in its hinterland, including three of China’s megacities, the capital Beijing, Tianjin and Shenyang. Known as “the fish storehouse” because of the habitat it provides for many rare migratory species, the Bohai is also one of China’s most high-profile environmental blackspots, along with the Yangtze delta and the Pearl river delta. China’s coastal regions have enjoyed the lion’s share of […]

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