The day after the US denounced a United Nations report that called on the Bush administration to close its Guantánamo detention center in Cuba, international pressure to close the camp continues to grow. While there were voices from around the world calling for action, the voices were particularly loud in Britain, which has been America’s main ally in the war on terror. Leading politicians from the two main political British parties, and a judge in Britain’s high court, said allegations of torture at the camp meant the US should close it as soon as possible. On Thursday, The Los Angeles Times reported that the Bush administration responded strongly to the UN report. The White House called it a “rehash” of old allegations. “We know that these are dangerous terrorists that are being kept at Guantánamo Bay,” White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan said. “They are trained to provide false information, and Al Qaeda training manuals talk about ways to disseminate false information and hope to get attention.” The Daily Telegraph reports, however, that Peter Hain, the secretary for Northern Ireland in the cabinet of Prime Minister Tony Blair, called on the US to close the camp. Mr. […]

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