SEOUL – Married South Korean women are the least happy with their sex lives, Japanese men are the most likely to try and dodge a certain sex problem and French men are the most fond of their frolicking, according to a recent survey. The survey released this week by the pharmaceutical firm Eli Lilly and Co., one of the makers of the anti-impotence drug Cialis, of 1,200 married men and women in South Korea, Japan, France and the United States also found the French had the best sex lives followed by the Americans. Lilly Korea said the findings would be released globally next week ahead of Valentine’s Day. Less than one in three South Korean women said they were at least “slightly happy about sex with their husbands, which was the lowest of the four groups of women. About half the South Korean men, however, said they were satisfied in bed with their wives. “Not often enough topped the list of complaints by men in all four countries while the main complaint of wives was not enough romance. Less than one in three Japanese men said they would seek help for erectile dysfunction, which […]

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