Fertility tourism WANT to choose the sex of a child you’re having by IVF? Don’t look to UK clinics to help. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) imposes strict rules on what is and isn’t permitted, which is why increasing numbers of couples are choosing to go fertility-shopping abroad. With concerns about everything from cost to egg- and sperm-donor anonymity, more and more British couples are choosing cheaper, more flexible clinics in Eastern Europe and beyond. The HFEA has serious reservations about the ethics and health risks, but some specialists are forecasting a boom in “fertility tourism over the rest of the decade. Autistic licence DO YOU still see autism as a disability? A burgeoning rights movement aims to convince you otherwise and to remove the stigma surrounding autism and Asperger’s syndrome. Just as society learned to accept homosexuality, organisations such as the Autism Assembly and Aspies for Freedom say it should accept “neurodiversity as something to celebrate rather than cure. In June, the organisations launched the first annual Autistic Pride Day, with events around the world, to persuade the rest of us € the “neuro-typicals € that autistic people are “unique individuals who should not […]

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