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 Friday, 29 August 2014

Market Basket: The Return of Boomer Activism

This is a lovely story of how capitalism could be run. It illustrates very clearly the difference between the vampire capitalism that dominates our economy, and the compassionate capitalism we could have.


Workers at the Market Basket supermarket chain just successfully undertook a high-risk job action with potentially historic repercussions. But this was more than just a fight for leadership control. It was also a story about boomers standing up for workplace values.

The series of events, which resulted in the sale of the company’s 71 Massachusetts and New Hampshire grocery stores, offers hope that boomers may reclaim their generational legacy and bring it into the workplace.

What Went Down at Market Basket

The back story: Two months ago, Market Basket’s Board of Directors fired company president, Arthur T. DeMoulas, the latest scene in a decades-long drama between warring factions of the wealthy DeMoulas family, Market Basket’s owners. At the center of the bitter feud: cousins Arthur T. and Arthur S. DeMoulas. Arthur T. and his family owned 49 percent of the privately-held company; Arthur S. and his side ...

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Leading Researchers Who Oppose Legal Pot Are Paid by Painkiller Manufacturers

I have written several times about the corruption of medicine by Big Pharma. Paying doctors to put their names on studies they didn't actually do, is one example. (See: An Appraisal of The Illness Profit System. http://www.explorejournal.com/article/S1550-8307%2810%2900291-0/fulltext).

It should come as no surprise, I guess, that the same corruption is occurring in the debate over ending marijuana prohibition.

WILL GODFREY - AlterNet (U.S.)

Let’s face it, many of us would need a little extra incentive to spend our careers standing on the wrong side of history. And a whole bunch of leading researchers who are frequently cited by supporters of marijuana prohibition look to be no different, according to a report by investigative journalist Lee Fang: They’re paid by companies that manufacture painkillers.

The academics on Fang’s list include:

*Dr. Herbert Kleber, director of the Substance Abuse Division of Columbia University’s Department of Psychiatry. Widely quoted and published by mainstream media, and cited by the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police and the American Psychiatric Association to justify anti-pot positions, Kleber has served as a paid consultant for Purdue Pharma, Reckitt Benckiser and Alkermes-the manufacturers of OxyContin, Nurofen and Zohydro, respectively.

*Dr. A. Eden Evins, an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School ...

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Secret Audio Nails Scott Walker! A Humiliating Suck-up to the Koch Brothers

Yet another story of how the Koch's are trying to buy the government, and how successful they are being. Anybody who votes for this corrupt moron, forfeits their right to complain about the decline of our country.

JOAN WALSH, Senior Editor - Salon

Back when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid began publicly attacking the Koch brothers and their right-wing political empire, a lot of the media treated it as a desperate and maybe unseemly attack on 'a couple of relatively unknown private citizens,” in the words of Politico, by a guy who saw Senate control slipping from his hands in 2014.

But the more we learn about Charles and David Koch’s sway with top Republican leaders, thanks to embarrassing leaks from their June retreat, the clearer it is that attacks by Reid and other Democrats are justified and proportionate.

Also clear: Wisconsin is ground zero in the battle over whether the Kochs’ vision of a low-tax, union-free neo-feudalism prevails, and Gov. Scott Walker is a wholly owned Koch subsidiary.

On Wednesday we heard Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell thank the Kochs 'for the important work you’re doing,” adding, 'I don’t ...

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 Thursday, 28 August 2014

Caught on Tape: What Mitch McConnell Complained About to a Roomful of Billionaires (Exclusive)

This is what corruption looks like. Naked unashamed corruption. This is the senior Republican member of the Senate. I simply do not understand how anybody in Kentucky can vote for Mitch McConnell, but I know that tens of thousands will.

Click through to hear the audio capture.


Last week, in an interview with Politico, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) outlined his plan to shut down President Obama’s legislative agenda by placing riders on appropriations bills. Should Republicans take control of the Senate in the 2014 elections, McConnell intends to pass spending bills that 'have a lot of restrictions on the activities of the bureaucracy.”

What McConnell didn’t tell Politico was that two months ago, he made the same promise to a secret strategy conference of conservative millionaire and billionaire donors hosted by the Koch brothers. The Nation and The Undercurrent obtained an audio recording of McConnell’s remarks to the gathering, called 'American Courage: Our Commitment to a Free Society.” In the question-and-answer period following his June 15 session titled 'Free Speech: Defending First Amendment Rights,” McConnell says:

'So in the House and Senate, we own the budget. So what does that mean? That means ...

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Iowa GOPer Joni Ernst Credits Kochs For Plucking Her From Obscurity

The Koch brothers are openly trying to buy the Senate. And please don't write me about George Soros, saying he does the same. He does not. This is straightforward classical fascism.

If Iowa elects this woman they will have no one to blame but themselves.

Click through to hear the actual audio.

Daniel Strauss - Talking Points Memo

Iowa state Sen. Joni Ernst, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in her state, and two other top 2014 Republican candidates for U.S. Senate, heaped praise on the political network created by conservative billionaire funders Charles and David Koch during a secretive conference hosted by the wealthy brothers this summer.

Ernst, and Rep. Tom Cotton, the Republican nominee for Senate in Arkansas both praised donors at the June 16 retreat in Dana Point, California for their success, according to The Huffington Post and The Nation. A third candidate, Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO) also said that said that his race against Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) would probably be decided by "third party" money.

The event was held at the St. Regis Monarch Beach resort. Audio was obtained by The Undercurrent and shared with The Huffington Post. In that clip, the three candidates are heard on a panel titled "The ...

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How Cops get Away With it: Why the Government can Read Your Emails, But Not Count Shooting Deaths

Today's news brought yet more stories of police shootings of people whose only real crime seems to be being black. It made me wonder how many people are killed by the police each year. It turns out that is a very hard number to pin down. So I went looking to see if anyone had written something recently about this. Here's what I found. I was amazed to learn were have 17,000 different police agencies.

HEATHER DIGBY PARTON, Contributing Writer - Salon

The shooting of teenager Michael Brown has focused the nation (again) on the dangers faced by young, unarmed black men walking the streets of America. The sight of paramilitary police with guns pointed at peaceful protesters in a suburban town in the Midwest also got our attention. And as we wait for the legal system to determine if officer Darren Wilson will be held liable for the shooting, new questions are rising to the surface about the issue of officer-involved shootings in general. How often does this happen? How are these issues normally handled by prosecutors and the courts? And surprisingly, there is almost no way of knowing how often American citizens are killed at the hands of the authorities.

Most reporting in the last couple of weeks has cited the figure of 400 people killed in incidents of 'justifiable homicide” by police officers each year since 2008. ...

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What Lies Beneath Stonehenge?

Stonehenge has been a subject of fascination for centuries with all manner of interpretations and myths. Finally we are actually getting hard data about it. Here is a survey of the latest.

Click through to see the illustrations and charts.

ED CAESAR - Smithsonian Magazine

e walked the Avenue, the ancient route along which the stones were first dragged from the River Avon. For centuries, this was the formal path to the great henge, but now the only hint of its existence was an indentation or two in the tall grass. It was a fine English summer’s day, with thin, fast clouds above, and as we passed through fields dotted with buttercups and daisies, cows and sheep, we could have been hikers anywhere, were it not for the ghostly monument in the near distance.

Faint as the Avenue was, Vince Gaffney hustled along as if it were illuminated by runway lights. A short, sprightly archaeologist of 56, from Newcastle upon Tyne in northeast England, he knows this landscape as well as anyone alive: has walked it, breathed it, studied it for uncounted hours. He has not lost his sense of wonder. Stopping to fix ...

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 Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Burger King Faces US Tax Backlash On Takeover

For more than a decade I have been writing about what I see as the greatest geopolitical trend in the 21st century, the rise of the Virtual Corporate state, large multinational corporations which function essentially as states, without geographical sovereignty borders. States which no longer consider themselves to have any allegiance to a nation state. One of the aspects of this trend is Tax Inversion, corporations moving their legal residency to nations with more advantageous tax structures. Here is the latest example -- Burger King.

It is my recommendation that the citizen response to this trend is simply to stop buying the products or services of those corporations. Don't patronize Burger King, it is as simple as that.

Sky News HD

Burger King's plans to buy a Canadian coffee and doughnut chain and shift its tax base there have been met with boycott threats among some US customers.

While investors in both Burger King and Tim Hortons showed great appetite for the deal - with shares in both firms rising more than 20% on Monday - some of the burger chain's US customers found the so-called tax inversion aspect - the shifting of a firm's tax base to another country - hard to swallow.

While a tie-up would create the world's third-largest fast food restaurant firm with 18,000 restaurants in 100 countries and about $22bn in sales, it would also significantly cut Burger King's tax burden.

A recent report by KPMG found that total tax costs in Canada are 46.4% lower than in the United States.

President Barack Obama and Congress have criticised inversions because they mean ...

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A Fully Transparent Solar Cell That Could Make Every Window and Screen a Power Source

Here is some more good news about developments in solar technology. One can only wonder how fast these developments might go if solar got the kind of special tax breaks and subsidies given to carbon energy sources.


Researchers at Michigan State University have created a fully transparent solar concentrator, which could turn any window or sheet of glass (like your smartphone’s screen) into a photovoltaic solar cell. Unlike other 'transparent” solar cells that we’ve reported on in the past, this one really is transparent, as you can see in the photos throughout this story. According to Richard Lunt, who led the research, the team are confident that the transparent solar panels can be efficiently deployed in a wide range of settings, from 'tall buildings with lots of windows or any kind of mobile device that demands high aesthetic quality like a phone or e-reader.”

Scientifically, a transparent solar panel is something of an oxymoron. Solar cells, specifically the photovoltaic kind, make energy by absorbing photons (sunlight) and converting them into electrons (electricity). If a material is transparent, however, by definition it means that all of the ...

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Marijuana Use Lowers Risk of Domestic Violence in Married Couples, Study Finds

The marijuana research studies so long suppressed are now coming almost weekly, sometimes daily. Here is the latest.

TARYN HILLIN - The Huffington Post

Past research has indicated that couples who abuse substances are at a greater risk for divorce, in part because substance abuse often leads to an increase in domestic violence.

However, new research has found that when it comes to marijuana use, the opposite effect occurs: couples who frequently use marijuana are actually at a lower risk of partner violence.

Researchers from Yale University, University of Buffalo and Rutgers recruited 634 couples from 1996 to 1999 while they were applying for a marriage license in New York State. After an initial interview, the researchers followed the couples over the course of nine years using mail-in surveys to measure the effects of marijuana use on intimate partner violence (IPV).

The study defines IPV as acts of physical aggression, such as slapping, hitting, beating and choking, and it was measured by asking couples to report violence committed by them or ...

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GOP Candidate: Colorado Gay Congressman Will Behead Christians who Don’t Worship Sodomy

There is a major trend going on in this country and it is essentially taboo to talk about it. One sees lots of individual stories about morons and nutjobs that win their primary or election. But no one seems to be willing or able to link the datapoints into the trend they actually comprise. Something has happened to the Republican Party. These marginal people are almost invariably Republicans. Here is the latest example I've seen, but I could do a story like this every day.

A democracy doesn't work when a large percentage of the population chooses to vote for people like Klingenschmitt, and yet it happens over and over in Red value states. We seem to have reached some sort of critical mass of craziness, hate, and incompetence. Whether it is that very few people in the country have any respect for the Congress, which they see as incompetent and hopelessly gridlocked, so who cares who gets elected, or whether these bizarre candidates accurately represent the level of hate, and stupidity of the general public I can't say. What I can say is that the Republican Party has become a dangerous toxic force on the political landscape. Not because they are Republicans, but because of the positions and policies they hold and promote. This is not about politics really, it is about social policies and their outcomes.

Click through to see the actual video of Klingenschmitt, who has just won his primary. People actually voted for this man. QED.

ERIC W. DOLAN - The Raw Story

A Republican nominee for a seat in Colorado’s statehouse accused Democrats of lacking a sense of humor after he said a gay U.S. congressman would soon start beheading Christians.

'This weekend I sent out an email alert to my constituents in which I used hyperbole,” Gordon Klingenschmitt said in a video uploaded to YouTube on Monday. 'You know what hyperbole is. It’s a literary device where you exaggerate to make a point. Well, apparently some Democrats do not have a sense of humor and they were offended by some of the things I said using hyperbole this weekend.”

An email alert sent out by Klingenschmitt over the weekend stated that Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) wanted to execute Christians, reported Right Wing Watch.

'The openly homosexual Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) introduced a revised bill to force Christian employers and business owners to hire and promote homosexuals with ZERO ...

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The Kennewick Man Finally Freed to Share His Secrets

SR has been covering the fascinating story of Kennewick Man since the story broke in 1996. Here is the latest. It is a tale about a small group of scientists who would not be stopped in their quest for knowledge for all of us and their enemy, the benighted, Kafkaesque Army Corp of Engineers which lied and cheated to block them -- the same agency and people that brought you the failed levies in New Orleans, and a host of other ill-advised schemes.

DOUGLAS PRESTON - Smithsonian Magazine

n the summer of 1996, two college students in Kennewick, Washington, stumbled on a human skull while wading in the shallows along the Columbia River. They called the police. The police brought in the Benton County coroner, Floyd Johnson, who was puzzled by the skull, and he in turn contacted James Chatters, a local archaeologist. Chatters and the coroner returned to the site and, in the dying light of evening, plucked almost an entire skeleton from the mud and sand. They carried the bones back to Chatters’ lab and spread them out on a table.

The skull, while clearly old, did not look Native American. At first glance, Chatters thought it might belong to an early pioneer or trapper. But the teeth were cavity-free (signaling a diet low in sugar and starch) and worn down to the roots-a combination characteristic of prehistoric teeth. Chatters then noted something embedded in ...

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